Balance of bearing steel ball and wear resistance

- Jul 11, 2018-

The hardness of the bearing steel ball can be effectively achieved to HRC62-65 degrees during the production process. The wear resistance of the product is better, and the precision can reach one ten thousandth of a millimeter after cold working into a steel ball. The appearance of the ball is mirrored. The color is chrome, but it cannot be soldered.


Bearing steel balls are commonly used for high-speed low-noise bearings to a certain extent, and their bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, rails, universal balls, luggage, electronics industry can also be used to grind other media. Bearing steel balls have great pressure and friction during work, so bearing steel has high and balanced hardness and wear resistance, as well as high elastic limit.


The chemical composition of the bearing steel ball is balanced. The requirements for non-metallic inclusions and step-by-step, carbide step-by-step requirements are very strict. The bearing steel is also called high carbon steel, and the carbon content is 1%. Left and right, the amount of strontium is 0.5% - 1.65%. Bearing steel is divided into six categories: high carbon 硌 bearing steel, 硌 bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, stainless bearing steel, medium and high temperature bearing steel and anti-magnetic bearing steel.