Application of precision steel balls, process flow and manufacturing process

- Apr 04, 2018-

There are many types of steel balls, of which precision steel balls are widely used and are more common.


Precision steel ball, which is a kind of steel ball, can be used in industries such as bearing, hardware, electronics, iron art, power, mining, metallurgy, and mechanical equipment. Its basic process flow is: stamping - light grinding - quenching - hard grinding - appearance - lapping - cleaning - rust - finished packaging.


Precision steel balls have different levels. The grade of the ball is determined by the ball's tolerance range, roundness and roughness. Different grades of precision steel balls, different levels of steel ball applications are also different. The price of precision steel balls is more expensive than ordinary steel balls because, in terms of performance, precision steel balls are better than ordinary steel balls.


When the precision steel balls are manufactured, there are some follow-up processes, instead of being packaged directly into the warehouse. Generally, it is necessary to perform steel ball cleaning, automatic appearance detection, rust prevention processing, counting and packaging.And these will affect the quality of precision steel ball products. Among them, in terms of appearance detection, it mainly includes specific aspects such as surface scratches, rust, and surface spots.