Analysis of the ball movement state of Ball mill

- Oct 26, 2017-

Ball mill in the process of grinding, its own many variable parameters, such as ball mill speed, specifications, media filling rate, so that the movement of material in the mill will become complex and diverse. Steel ball in the throwing motion, in the steel ball rising process has a greater resistance, the grinding of materials mainly from steel ball and liner and steel ball and steel ball between the grinding effect, through this role, the material is grinding and crushing. When the steel ball rises to a certain extent it will do the drop movement, the process, the material is not affected by any force, so it will not be grinding or broken. Can when the steel ball falls to the foot of the ball, will and the bottom of the lining plate sharp impact, and produce a great impact, using the impact of the crushing material, so the steel ball as a throwing motion grinding crushing effect to the impact of crushing mainly, grinding supplemented. The impact of this method is larger and the crushing efficiency is higher.