Alumina Ceramic Ball Cooling and Noise Reduction Function and Internal Resistance Change

- Dec 21, 2017-

Alumina ceramic balls are very economical in their use.Use can effectively reduce the mill grinding body load 20%,Grinder host current reduced by 20% or more, tons of electricity saving more than 15%,Alumina ceramic ball can improve the performance of cement products,Particle composition more reasonable , 3 ~ 32μm particle content increased by 2% or more,Spherical particles increased, the standard consistency of water decreased by 1% to 2%, cement products and concrete admixture compatibility improved.

Alumina ceramic ball has a certain cooling function to reduce noise,

The grinding temperature is lower than 15 ℃,Mill noise reduction of more than 15dB, the ball of ceramic ball is generally 50% of the ball, such as the production of ordinary Portland cement 42.5,The ball consumption of high-chrome steel ball is 30 ~ 40g / t, while that of micro-crystal high-strength alumina ball is less than or equal to 15g / t.

Alumina ceramic ball is the main chemical composition of Al2O3, accounting for about 92%, another 8% zirconia modified toughening materials.The molding process is divided into two categories: pressing and rolling forming, all kinds of specifications,20mm in diameter using the following roll forming,Diameter more than 20mm using compression molding.

Alumina ceramic balls have a Mohs hardness of 9.0,

Rockwell hardness of 80 to 83;Density of 3.6g / cm3,Bulk density of 2.2t / m3.It is developed specifically for dry cement grinding ceramic ball products,By adding zirconia modified toughening,Ensure that the ceramic ball not only has high strength, but also has good toughness.

After using alumina ceramic ball, due to the increase of filling rate, the change of internal resistance of the mill should be properly increased, but the specific adjustment should be based on the specific production conditions.To float to cement, for example, the use of ceramic balls, the grinding tail negative pressure increased from the original 250 ~ 350MPa adjusted to 350 ~ 450MPa.