AISI stainless steel ball corrosion resistance, heat resistance and other different properties

- Jan 08, 2018-

AISI stainless steel ball used in the steel, in fact, will be better than 310 and 304 stainless steel, AISI stainless steel ball in high temperature conditions below the sulfuric acid concentration of less than 15% and more than 85% of the ball itself Will have a very wide range of uses. AISI steel ball will have a better resistance to chloride erosion, which is generally used in the marine environment.


When it comes to AISI stainless steel ball, its corrosion resistance due to better than 304 stainless steel, which also has good corrosion resistance in the production process. Also, AISI stainless steel balls are to a large extent resistant to the aggressive properties of the ocean and the industrial atmosphere.


AISI stainless steel ball also has good heat resistance, at 1600 degrees below the intermittent use and below 1700 degrees continuous use, the ball itself, the material will have better oxidation resistance. That is, in the range of 800 to 1575 degrees, it is best to take care not to use the stainless steel continuously, but when the stainless steel is continuously used outside the temperature range, the stainless steel has good heat resistance.


AISI stainless steel ball should pay attention to the corresponding heat treatment, it is in the temperature range of 1850-2050 degrees attention must be annealed, followed by rapid annealing, followed by attention to rapid cooling.


Finally, with regard to the typical use of AISI stainless steel balls and their materials, attention should be paid to the equipment heat exchangers and their dyeing equipment in the context of their pulp and papermaking, followed by attention to AISI stainless steel balls that will be used in Film processing equipment, piping, and materials on the exterior of buildings in coastal areas have good corrosion resistance.