AISI 420c stainless steel ball manufacturing process

- May 27, 2019-

AISI 420c stainless steel ball is generally made of special equipment for rolling and kneading. It is also made of punching pier. The precision of the circle is ensured by the non-heart grinding after heat treatment. When making AISI 420c stainless steel balls, the first is to make embryos, and various spherical methods are used to make various spherical blanks.


Then, the spherical blank is placed in a grinding disc with a multi-channel concentric ring and a triangular-shaped lamp steel spherical grinding groove matched with the scale of the blank, and the oil ball and the coarse grinding material; The plastic ball is rolled by the steel ball and the lower grinding disc is not moved. The above grinding machine is called a coarse grinding machine. There are many ways to rough grinding as needed.


Every time the rough grinding is completed, the oil and the coarse abrasive adhering to the surface of the ball are left to be washed; the roughened blank is put into the fine grinding machine; the low-viscosity oil and the fine abrasive are added to the standard scale; The AISI 420c stainless steel ball is polished and the technical process is similar to coarse grinding and fine grinding. If the accuracy of the AISI 420c stainless steel ball is more demanding, further polishing with silk and fur is required.

AISI 420c stainless steel ball manufacturing