Advantages of using iron mold sanding technology for chrome steel balls

- May 02, 2019-

When the company chooses chrome steel balls at the time, the technical indicators concerned are hardness, wear and chemical composition. Based on the traditional manual performance of the above three points, the use of iron mold sanding line, breaking through the technical limitations of the traditional manual line, to achieve high wear resistance, high toughness, high hardness, low crushing of chrome steel balls Rate, thus saving customers more cost.


The iron mold coated with chrome steel ball has a sand-covered layer. If the mold is used many times, the mold cavity will not appear. Even if there is a pothole, the sand layer will fill the pothole and make the surface of the high-chromium ball. Smooth, no pits. The mold has a venting hole, the exhaust effect is good, and no bubbles appear inside the chrome steel ball to ensure stable performance of the solid steel ball.


In the traditional sand-free mode, the inside of the iron mold is prone to potholes. When the molten iron directly touches the mold, there will be a shell on the outside, and the mold has no venting holes, which may cause bubbles inside the chrome steel ball, which makes the product unable to ensure the consistency of quality. . Therefore, advanced work is the key to ensuring high quality products.