Advantages of application of bicycle steel balls

- Sep 10, 2018-

It is understood that the steel balls used for the normal block type bearing structure are ordinary carbon steel as the main material, and then the hard chrome plating; while the steel balls used in the bearings are made of bearing special steel high chrome steel, only two steels The price of the ball varies greatly.


The bearing capacity of an ordinary set of bearings should be similar to that of a bowl-type bearing. The bearing structure of the bowl-type bearing is made of ordinary carbon steel ball plating, but the full-load design is adopted;


Although the ordinary set of bearings uses steel balls of high-chromium bearing steel, the number of steel balls is small and is spaced apart by the cage to achieve higher rotational speed.


If the carbon steel ball is used as the steel ball for bicycle, the life is much shorter than that of the high chromium bearing steel ball. After all, the wear resistance and impact resistance of the carbon steel ball are inferior to the bearing steel ball.


The other set of bearings has a cage, and the steel ball for bicycle only rubs against the cage; while the steel ball in the bowl-shaped bearing structure with full ball has friction, so the bearing structure of the bowl is still not as good as the set. The bearing is durable and easy to use.


Moreover, the steel ball for bicycle is tempered at high temperature, the hardness is about 60, and the crushing load is more than 1830. It is suitable for high-precision bead cards and other rotating parts, which can make the bicycle have good transmission capacity.