A brief introduction of precision bearings

- Dec 18, 2017-

Precision bearing ball often used to rolling bearings and plain bearings in the mechanical parts design process, In general work, the friction coefficient of the rolling bearing is small, it is more stable and will not change with the friction coefficient changes, Precision bearing ball with a small torque, low power loss, high efficiency and other advantages.

Precision bearing ball rolling bearing radial clearance is small, when used in the axial preload can be eliminated,So running with high precision.Rolling small axial bearing width, and some bearing  load both radial and axial composite, compact structure, the combination is simple.Precision bearing ball rolling bearings are standardized components,The standard is high and can be produced in batch, so the cost is low.

When using the bearing if the preload increases, the stiffness can be increased,However, excessive preload will cause abnormal heat bearing, resulting in early failure of the bearing.In pre-positioning, the preload depends on the mounting conditions of the bearing, including bearing fit, centrifugal effect during operation and temperature rise.

Bearing coordination of precision bearing ball

For machine tool bearings, the general inner ring for interference fit, the outer ring for the gap with.The interference fit of the inner ring and the shaft changes the radial dimension, resulting in an increase of the pre-tightening force.

1.In the bearing parameters, the contact angle has a great influence on the variation of the axial clearance.

2. the influence of interference fit, centrifugal effect and temperature rise on the bearing clearance.The influence of interference fit is the most.

3. In practice, if the bearing interference fit, the interference with the bearing clearance should be taken into account, you should reserve a certain clearance, so as to avoid pre-stress is too large, so that the bearing failure in advance. Angular contact ball bearings in the actual match, should be its radial clearance change into axial clearance change to be considered.